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Dogger fucks a wife from behind outside of her car

What Is a Dogger?

Doggers engage in sexual acts in a public place or watch others doing so.
Dogging usually happens in secluded parking lots and parks, where doggers can watch couples having sex, or women masturbating. Sometimes a dogger is allowed ot “join in” and touch the woman or get his cock sucked. A really lucky dogger may even get to fuck a woman he doesn’t even know!

Group sex and gang banging are often part of a dogger’s idea of a good night out. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are a big part of dogging.

Exhibitionist woman flashing on British trains

Exhibitionist woman flashing on British trains

This daring and naughty exhibitionist dogger is out and about flashing on the British trains while I took pictures of her showing her boobs and pussy to strangers on the train, while they went to work.

Flashers get caught by a stranger

Flashers get caught by a stranger

We were filming these flashers outside fucking in their nearest swinger spot, when this guy runs past and takes a picture while these young British exhibitionist couple are doing it by the side this tree.

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